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We believe that all pupils need a thorough education in each of the seven curriculum areas. Junior students are provided with a broad education in order to obtain the skills that will be necessary for their future lives.

We endeavour to provide a commitment to small class sizes to enable effective learning opportunities to occur. Year 9 and 10 classes in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are organised into one top band, two mixed ability classes and one developmental class. There is a focus on literacy and numeracy skills with students being given additional work in English and Mathematics to develop and reinforce these essential educational needs in Years 9 and 10.

Students selected for the Accelerate class are extended and encouraged to work at their own level of ability. Students selected for the Developmental class are provided with additional learning assistance and staffing to address their individual learning needs.

Academic excellence is encouraged at all levels and multi level study can be undertaken where it is appropriate. This is an individually designed programme where a student may be studying subjects at different year levels.

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A Developmental Reading Programme is run for students who may be experiencing difficulties in reading. Specialist staff are employed to work with students either individually or in small groups.... Read full article »


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