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Caring School

The Guidance Network

The school has an efficient and experienced team of staff who make up the Guidance Network. The network includes the Guidance Councillor, Deans, Senior Administration Staff, Careers Advisors and Group Teachers

Who Do I Contact?
Members of the network welcome you to approach them on any matter. We share your concerns and aim to make Rangitikei College a sharing school so that:

pupils are happy to come to school
pupils and parents will seek help with problems

A Development Reading Programme is run for students who may be experiencing difficulties in reading. Specialist staff are employed to work with students either individually or in small groups

For the most serious problems or on matters of school policy the Principal, Deputy Principal or Assistant Principal should be contacted.

  • Deans usually deal with discipline matters or subject choices at the appropriate form level:
  • The Dean of Year 9 is Mr Alan Harrison
  • The Dean of Year 10 is Mrs Alisha Maas
  • The Dean of Year 11 is Miss Aletia Thompson
  • The Dean of Year 12 is Mr Bruce Rawson
  • The Dean of Year 13 is Miss Sheree Osgood

For general problems the key person to contact is the Group Teacher, who may deal with the problem, or refer you to a person who can assist you.


The Guidance Counsellor

The Guidance Counsellor is available to meet with students who may be experiencing problems. Parents are welcome to contact him if they have concerns about their son or daughter. The Counsellor is available to discuss personal, social or career problems. This is done confidentially with individual students and/or parents. The Careers Advisor,  is also happy to meet with parents


The Health Service

Students have access to the Adolescent Health Nurse,  who visits the school each week. The nurse is employed by Good Health Wanganui to provide free and confidential assessment, treatment and referral services.



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